Faster to the market with Secure Embedded Devices

The LAAVAT offering for managing keys and cryptographic operations

The LAAVAT offering is for embedded device manufacturers who need to secure devices utilizing cryptographic operations.


We simplify the workflow of secure embedded device development by making it easy to develop the needed security features for the device and abstracting the management of cryptographic keys and operations. We enable device manufacturers to secure the software supply chain and fulfill security requirements coming from customers, standards, and legislation.

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Simplified cryptographic tooling landscape with a single tool and a uniform way to support devices based on multiple chipsets instead of using silicon vendor-specific tools


Ease of integration of the needed embedded security features to the device

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Cost savings through not having to invest in building a similar solution in-house which would require significant effort and resources


Reduced management overhead. The hidden cost of investment in maintaining and managing an in-house developed service is quite often overlooked.

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No need to worry about the potential of leakages of cryptographic keys and their consequences due to well-managed keys centrally protected by the Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Controlled access to critical cryptographic operations through policy enforcements


Visibility to key usage within the system through Audit Trail

Some of our Customers


Vaisala, a global market leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurement technologies, considers Product and Software Security to be at the foundation of trustworthiness and reliability in a connected world


Check out how Vaisala utilized the LAAVAT offering to provide secure and reliable edge gateways and sensors that their customers can trust. 

Our connected world: Why trustworthy and reliable weather data matters


"LAAVAT delivered HERE an automated PKI solution that enables us to securely manage internal Certification Authority and issue certificates for numerous use cases. The solution is easy to manage and highly scalable within our serverless architecture" - HERE Technologies


FIH, a leading OEM of mobile devices, needed to renew its legacy key management solution which was unnecessarily complicated for its needs.
LAAVAT created a cryptographic key lifecycle management solution to support the secure manufacturing of tens of millions of connected devices annually.