Faster to the market with Secure IoT Devices

LAAVAT Solution For IoT Security

IoT devices are being used to support critical functions in society. Trustworthiness, quality, and reliability of the data generated and handled by these devices are thus of paramount importance.

At LAAVAT, our goal is to make it easy for our customers to build secure IoT devices without a need to invest considerably in embedded security and cryptography expertise. We help our customers to achieve accelerated time to market with reduced implementation costs and, at the same time, compliance with various IoT security standards and regulations. 

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Secure Your Device Manufacturing

LAAVAT solution enables tamperproof and controlled manufacturing of IoT devices by protecting device secrets and issuing strong initial device identities that others cannot copy, preventing the creation of cloned and counterfeit products.

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Manage Your Cryptographic Keys and Operations 

LAAVAT solution offers a centralized and controlled way to digitally sign, encrypt and package software releases during product development, reducing business continuity risk, for example, due to loss of cryptographic keys.

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Secure your IoT Device Management

Protection of in-market devices is an essential aspect of IoT device security.  LAAVAT solution enables trusted software updates, secure device management and communication, and protection of our customer's Intellectual Property in the IoT device software.

Some of our Customers


Vaisala is the lead customer for the LAAVAT IoT security product. Our Solution makes it possible for Vaisala to bring their portfolio of connected devices to the market with built-in security, based on industry-leading best practices and mainstream technologies.


"LAAVAT delivered HERE an automated PKI solution that enables us to securely manage internal Certification Authority and issue certificates for numerous use cases. The solution is easy to manage and highly scalable within our serverless architecture" - HERE Technologies


FIH, a leading OEM of mobile devices, needed to renew its legacy key management solution which was unnecessarily complicated for its needs.
LAAVAT created a cryptographic key lifecycle management solution to support the secure manufacturing of tens of millions of connected devices annually.