Faster to the market with Secure IoT Devices

We are taking the next step in our journey. We are super excited to announce the wider availability of the LAAVAT solution for IoT security. It is an AWS cloud-based scalable solution that is already trusted by some of the most transformative technology leaders in various industries.  

LAAVAT solution is a cloud-based solution for the controlled and secure execution of cryptographic operations across the IoT device lifecycle. We support operations such as key lifecycle management, digital signing, encryption of software, management of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) hierarchies, and issuance of x.509 certificates for different use cases.

The solution is built based on industry-standard security best practices such as the utilization of a Hardware Security Module (HSM). It supports IoT devices based on widely used chipsets from silicon vendors such as NXP, Xilinx, and Nordic Semiconductor, thus providing a single tool for supporting multiple chipsets.

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Vaisala, a global market leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurement technologies, partnered with us to provide secure and reliable edge gateways and sensors that their customers can trust. 

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To learn more about the LAAVAT solution for IoT security that secures the Vaisala IoT devices used in smart cities, transport systems, and timely weather nowcasting, check out our white paper.