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There is a better way to build secure IoT devices

There is a better way to       build secure IoT devices

Streamline development.

Guarantee business continuity. 

Trusted by 


Conform to evolving legislations, standards and customer mandates for IoT security.


Safeguard your devices while opening up growth and innovation opportunities in a connected world. 


Solution to centrally manage
cryptographic keys, identities, and operations

Zero-touch key management

Zero-touch key management 

Easy and seamless cryptographic key management for IoT devices, abstracting the microcontroller-specific complexities

Image signing and encryption

A single solution to digitally sign and encrypt all software packages

Device identities and PKI 

Most secure way to generate unique device identities and maintain device PKI hierarchies

Secure distribution and provisioning

Ensure confidentiality and authenticity when distributing and provisioning cryptographic material

Secure distribution and provisioning
Device identities and PKI
Image signing andf encryption

We also provide services to integrate security features into devices

and improve product development security practices

Enabling IoT manufacturers to build
secure devices faster

Deploy anywhere

Deploy anywhere

Offered as a managed service. Can also be deployed to a manufacturer's cloud or on-premises data center. Possible to migrate between different deployment options. 

Secure end to nd

Secure end to end

Enable the secure distribution of cryptographic material to different entities. Protect the cryptographic keys during manufacturing. 

Own your keys

Own your keys

Manufacturers have ownership of the cryptographic keys, ensuring business continuity. Keys are well protected in use and at rest, using HSM solutions. 

Safeguard software supply chain

software supply chain 

Enhance product development security practices per IEC 62443. Utilize regularly maintained embedded security components for the devices and keep them updated. Ensure the security of cryptographic operations. 

Streamline development

Streamline development

Individual product teams developing different devices don’t need to be concerned about MCU-specific cryptographic key management, device programming, firmware signing, and encryption functionalities.  

Control and visibility

Control and visibility

Cryptographic operations are secured with policy-driven workflows and approval functionalities. Audit trails and notifications ensure visibility into key usage and operations. 

Feedback from our customers

"Overall with LAAVAT we have made a huge improvement in our product security. LAAVAT guys are easy to work with and I do not believe we could have achieved this without them."  Ari Alanko, Director R&D
Find out how Laavat can help you to build secure devices that your customers can trust

Find out how Laavat can help you to build secure devices that your customers can trust

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