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Embedded Security
for Gateways, Controllers and Sensors

Manufacturers use LAAVAT Solution to enhance their SDL practices and enable essential security features such as secure boot and secure firmware updates to their devices 

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Simplify the deployment
of an SDL framework 

Use LAAVAT solution to ensure that product development follows secure-by-design and defence-in-depth practices. 


Leverage our expertise in evaluating and deploying processes, best practices, and tools for security requirements definition, secure coding guidelines, security test automation, SBOM management, and vulnerability management. 

We also offer developer-led training for SDL best practices.

Improve your SDL practices

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Embedded security features based on securely managed cryptographic keys and operations 

At the heart of the LAAVAT solution is a Platform for securely managing cryptographic keys and operations. Use the Platform to sign and encrypt firmware images, issue strong device identities, and ensure secure distribution and provisioning of cryptographic keys to devices during manufacturing. 

Start with the LAAVAT Platform 


Utilize our embedded security expertise to enable features such as secure boot, secure firmware updates, and strong device identity to the devices.

Enable embedded security features to your devices

Feedback from our customers

“Securing our connected products is key in making the world's cities smarter and more sustainable places to live. The LAAVAT solution for centrally managing cryptographic keys used for digital signing and encryption plays an important role in ensuring trust in KONE’s software supply chain. The LAAVAT solution also helps us to adhere to the standards and regulations on cybersecurity, such as IEC 62443.”
Jussi Valkiainen, Head of Product and Application Security

Here’s why our customers choose us

Streamlined Compliance

Ease of compliance with SDL best practices, security regulations, and standards such as CRA, RED,

and IEC 62443

Designed for embedded developers

Emphasis on swift onboarding, easy integration to existing development tools and automation minimizes security process overheads and simplifies the integration of embedded security features.

Holistic approach to embedded security

A unified solution that integrates embedded security feature development for devices with the advanced capabilities of the LAAVAT platform for secure management of cryptographic keys and operations.

Preferred choice of IT

Cost-effective ownership, making it a compelling alternative to in-house development, coupled with guaranteed business continuity for the security infrastructure.

Find out how Laavat can help you to build secure devices that your customers can trust

Find out how LAAVAT can help you improve your SDL practices and enable essential security features to the devices 

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