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No matter if you need to integrate security features into devices or improve your product security practices, our experts are available to help you.


Embedded device security services

We help device manufacturers define and architect the embedded device security requirements they need to fulfill based on relevant regulatory, legislative, and customer mandates for IoT security.


We also implement embedded device security features to the device. These features include, for example, secure boot, firmware update, and device hardening.


We have implemented embedded device security features for devices based on a wide range of MCUs from silicon vendors such as NXP, AMD-Xilinx, Nordic Semiconductor, ST, and Renesas.

With regular updates to the security components on the device as part of our maintenance and support, our embedded device security services are designed to adapt to new threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring that your devices always remain secure. 

IEC 62443 services


We help device manufacturers improve their product development security practices per IEC 62443-4-1 and 62443-4-2.


We start with a current state analysis of the practices utilizing, for example, self-assessment. Then we help to define and improve areas including:

  • security management,

  • specification of security requirements,

  • secure by design,

  • secure implementation,

  • secure verification and validation testing,

  • management of security-related issues,

  • security update management, and

  • security guidelines.

Contact us today to learn more about our LAAVAT services

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