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Zero-touch key management 

Easy and seamless cryptographic key management for IoT devices, abstracting the microcontroller-specific complexities

Easy and seamless cryptographic key management for IoT devices

Ensuring the security of IoT devices may necessitate the use of various numbers and types of cryptographic keys. Our Zero-touch key management makes device key management easy and seamless, abstracting the microcontroller-specific complexities while ensuring the quality and protection of keys in use and at rest.


Image signing and encryption keys, PKI hierarchies and fuse maps are automatically created based on the microcontroller type. 

Support for secure boot for most commonly used microcontrollers 

Silicon vendors typically have their own methods and tools to enable secure boot for their microcontrollers. Our Solution makes it easy for embedded developers to implement secure boot for devices, regardless of the microcontroller used.


The most commonly used MCUs from silicon vendors, such as NXP, AMD-Xilinx, Nordic Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, and Renesas, are supported. 

Effective Cryptographic Key Management
for long-lived IoT devices 

For device manufacturers, ensuring business continuity for cryptographic key management is paramount for the successful long-term support of IoT devices. 


LAAVAT Platform ensures that keys are centrally managed and protected with HSMs. HSM solutions such as AWS CloudHSM, Azure Key Vault, Thales DPoD, and on-premise HSMs are supported. Customers maintain ownership of the keys and can easily transfer them between HSM solutions.

Check out how                        — a global market leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurement technologies — utilizes  LAAVAT solution to provide secure and reliable edge gateways and sensors that customers can trust.


Contact us to find out how LAAVAT can help you to securely manage your cryptographic keys and operations

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