Image by Harry Shelton

LAAVAT Solution for IoT Security

Our solution enables the controlled and secure execution of cryptographic operations across the IoT device lifecycle.

Solution is platform-independent and is deployable to cloud computing platforms such as AWS and the customer's own data center.

Solution is built based on industry-standard security best practices such as the utilization of the Hardware Security Module (HSM) to ensure quality and protection of the cryptographic key material in use and at rest, strongly encrypted communication, strong authentication, and flexible authorization models.


A microservices based architecture and utilization of functions within the Kubernetes cluster makes the solution scalable, resistant to failovers and easy to maintain.

Solution supports IoT devices based on widely used chipsets from silicon vendors such as NXP and Xilinx, thus providing a single tool for supporting multiple chipsets.

With interfaces based on modern REST APIs, the solution can be easily integrated into customer's own software build and manufacturing systems.

To learn more checkout our whitepaper.