Image by Harry Shelton

LAAVAT Solution for IoT Security

The LAAVAT solution for IoT security enables tamperproof and controlled manufacturing of IoT devices by protecting device secrets and issuing strong initial device identities that others cannot copy, preventing the creation of cloned and counterfeit products. 


It also offers a centralized and controlled way to digitally sign, encrypt and package software releases during product development, reducing business continuity risk, for example, due to loss of cryptographic keys. 

Protection of in-market devices is an essential aspect of IoT device security. The LAAVAT solution enables trusted software updates, secure device management and communication, and protection of our customer's Intellectual Property in the IoT device software.


The solution is built based on industry-standard security best practices such as the utilization of the Hardware Security Module (HSM) to ensure quality and protection of the cryptographic key material in use and at rest, strongly encrypted communication, strong authentication, and flexible authorization models.

The solution supports IoT devices based on widely used chipsets from silicon vendors such as NXP and Xilinx, thus providing a single tool for supporting multiple chipsets.

With interfaces based on modern REST APIs, the solution can be easily integrated into customer's own software build and manufacturing systems.

To learn more about how LAAVAT can help you check out our whitepaper.