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Secure distribution and provisioning 

Ensure confidentiality and authenticity when

distributing and provisioning cryptographic material

Secure distribution of cryptographic material 

It is essential to ensure confidentiality and authenticity when distributing cryptographic material, such as symmetric encryption keys, public keys, and public key hashes ("root of trust") for IoT devices. 


Our Platform enables the secure distribution of cryptographic material to entities like a manufacturing test PC, MES (Manufacturing Execution System), or software build system with the ability to restrict access to specific material only for authorized entities.  

Secure provisioning of
cryptographic material to the device 

Secure Provisioning plays an essential role in device security by programming cryptographic material to the device. LAAVAT provides a Provisioning Client that is installed on the manufacturing test PC. This client programs, for example,  secure boot material and identities to the device during the manufacturing process. 

Support for industry 4.0
smart manufacturing solutions 

Connectivity is one of the defining characteristics of a smart factory. LAAVAT Solution is ready for Industry 4.0, with the ability to establish a secure connection from the manufacturing test PC to our solution, enabling access to the required cryptographic material. This approach also enhances the security of the device identity issuance by allowing the creation of cryptographic key pairs on the device. 

Check out how                        — a global market leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurement technologies — utilizes  LAAVAT solution to provide secure and reliable edge gateways and sensors that customers can trust.

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