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LAAVAT Offering

LAAVAT solution for embedded devices and integration support

LAAVAT offers commonly used Open-Source Software components and configurations for embedded devices. LAAVAT also provides support for integrating these components into the device.

Together with the LAAVAT AWS managed service, device manufacturers get an out-of-the-box solution for enabling the needed security features to their devices. These security features can be, for example, firmware protection, secure updates, secure boot, and device hardening.

In addition, LAAVAT can also provide support for creating custom packaging formats to enable firmware upgrade capabilities for constrained devices utilizing MCUboot as a secure bootloader.

LAAVAT AWS based managed service

LAAVAT offers an AWS based managed service to manage secrets and cryptographic operations for embedded devices, with support for the following main functionalities:

  • Product key management: The service supports cryptographic key lifecycle management, including automatic creation of all the keys and certificates for embedded devices based on the chipset.

  • Digital signing & Encryption: The service supports digital signing and packaging of software releases for devices based on multiple chipsets. The service can be configured to support the signing of the actual image or the image digest. It also supports encryption of device firmware images to protect critical IPR.

  • Secure manufacturing: Protecting IoT devices during manufacturing through the secure delivery and programming of cryptographic keys and the issuance of unique initial device identities

To learn more about LAAVAT offering check out our whitepaper.